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Forfatter Emne: Invite for FORUM ONLINE COEFICIENT NETWORK  (Læst 4499 gange)

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« : 04 Jun 2015, 22:32 »


I would ask you if you could give me few minutes of your time to read my message and my offer

Our forum is from Bosnia and Herzegovina after couple of year pause we are running again from scratch! Former member of SIAS and today with wish to return to that road and we set our goal to that

In the conversation with former owners they supported us and our idea they encouraged(nisam siguran da se tako pise) as to fulfill our wish of being heirs of past FMBosnia where we will use their previouse domain and logo.That means we will officailly represent Bosnia and Herzegovina  as one and only forum.

Group of young and ambisus(nisam siguran da se ovako pise...) menagers decided to return Bosnia and Herzegovina on map of FM sites i in purpouse seriouse thought which will be realised in the very start.Next to describing players,staff,league guides,clubs,tactics as representing variouse tutorials , editor works and making of graphic addons with focus set to Bosnia and Herzegovina we decided to create coeficent network of national forums!

You are invited to become part of Coeficent forum network!

What is coeficent network of national forums you ask?

Throughout whole year our forum wil organize variouse Online competitions - Clubs and Countrys. From every country and region we chose one forum which gets the offer to become part of Coeficent Network of National Forums.
If one of the forums declines our offer the offer is being sent to a diffrent forum from same country/region. There is couple of competitions but they all will be held once a year.

Country competitions
There are three kinds of country competitions:

-World cup of forums
-Europen cup of forums
-World forum league

In case of enough asian forums accept our invite to Coeficent Network of National Forums in such case we wil hold Asian forum cup.

Thought of World Cup forums counts 32 forums from 32 countries.Best out of 15 forums from europe would qualifie fro Europen cup host Bosnia and Herzegovina.So on Europen Cup 16 forums would competite. On the end comes the World Forum League which would count 12 forums. It mainly with special invite and beside host Bosnia and Herzegovina there would competite 3-4 best europen forums while other forums in europa would be picked by special invites. In World forums League 8 europen forums competite 4  out of europe forums. Best 3 from World Cup of forums will directly ensure a spot on this competition(if they are not europen forums) while the 4th spot would be filled by a special inivte from the host.

Dates for competition
-Wold cup of forums {July 5-26}
-Europen forums cup{August 10-27}
-Wolrd forum league{Semptember 13-25}

In october there is possibilty of some mini tournaments.(Dalje pisati necu jer je beznacajno).
Goal of these competitions is that they become tradition and that they are held every year.

Club competitions

Club competitions will be held from December untill player get into the new FM

Which club competitions will be held?
-Europen Champions League of forums
This is pretty much like IRL system of Champions league.
-Europen league
Just like the Champions league except every coutry(forum) choosed try player no exeptions its also play indenticly like IRL Europen League.
-Europen Super Cup
Winners of the above two will competite here for the trophy on the end of the season.
-World Cup of Forums Clubs
In this competition 4 clubs/forums will competite.Winner of Europen,Asina,African Champlion league of forums + special invite which will be given to a forum from South America.

This competitions will be held from December till May.

Of cour the charm in all of this is
in coefficients. There is couple of
coefficients which add on in a determind way:
-Club(indivudal) coefficient
-National  coefficient

Coefficient is positive when the competitions are organised for easier categorazing in Preferred and Not Preferred

You are invited to be part of this network for which we hope will grow better from year to year we are impatiently waiting for your response

You can contacn as in several ways:
Twitter- https://twitter.com/FMBosnia

At present time there are some works on the forum and the forum is addresed on - www.fmbosnia.net

Football Manager Bosnia


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« Svar #1: 17 Jun 2015, 00:35 »

Sign ups for the 1st INTERNATIONAL FMBOSNIA TOURNAMENT have started!

Here u can ckeck the rules,: http://fmbosnia.net/index.php/topic,264.0.html

 and here u can sign up for the competition: http://fmbosnia.net/index.php/topic,283.0.html


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