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 Football Manager 2018 Winter update er nu ude!
Forfatter   Sunbao
Dato   Torsdag d. 01 Marts 2018 - 18:02
Overskrift   Football Manager 2018 Winter update er nu ude!

Så nåede jeg til PC som den kvikke bruger nok har opdaget så er den længe ventede sidste patch til FM2018 nu ude!

God spillelyst, her følger fix list:


- Added database 18.3 to include winter transfer & data updates

- Fixed rare crash during processing
- Fixed game freeze when attempting to upload highlight to YouTube
- Fixed crash on continue with edited data
- Fixed rare crash when loading save game
- Fixed freeze during penalty shootout
- Fixed crash during match
- Fixed MLS crash when locking certain trade items in a trade offer

- Fixed rare ball physics bug
- Improved individual team talk reactions
- Fixed team talk assistant advice when winning competition
- Fixed passing accuracy assistant feedback
- Fixed issue where stadium/players sometimes appear black
- Fixed score diverging in online matches
- Additional individual team talk button added to player’s row on team talk table

- Fixed issue where player would become stuck in a trialist squad
- Fixed issue where user was incorrectly being overlooked for management jobs
- Improved AI shortlisting decisions in regards to HG players
- Improved logic in selecting the players who will be returned in certain scouting assignments
- Fixed issue where player attributes could be revealed too quickly
- Fixed issue where users were able to make various promises to the board incorrectly resulting in rare sackings
- Fixed a conversation not generating following a broken promise to a player
- Fixed question incorrectly asked about chances of winning the league when already won
- Fixed player given leave of absence by club leaving national team setup
- Fixed instances where pre-match backroom advice had stopped generating
- Fixed rare instance where user is unable to play national B team match away against a club side
- Fixed instances of press and media carrying over previous manager’s pressure onto the new manager
- Fixed instances of same press conference question being asked twice
- Fixed instances of being asked about other manager’s response without seeing the response first

- Can now vote in World Player of the Year award if a national manager
- Fixed Spanish Second Division Best Goalkeeper award being awarded to outfield players
- Spanish First Division teams no longer fail to register first team players for no obvious reason
- B Team players in Spain will be correctly eligible for First Team matches if made available
- Bulgarian European Place Playoff now schedules not too late at end of season
- Updated Mexican Cup structure

- Physical Condition and Match Sharpness can now be edited directly from the Profile screen via In-Game Editor

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